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Tübingen Theses on archaeology

The following theses grew from the annual meeting of the German Society for Pre & Protohistory (DGUF): "Does the public create itself a different archaeology? Analyses of a power shift", held in May, 2015 in Tübingen, Germany. Throughout the lectures and discussions, a common conviction emerged that archaeology is seized currently by a widespread process of social change. An intelligent reaction is required to ensure that the importance of the discipline continues to be generally recognized and granted appropriate financial, administrative and regulatory support.

The Tübingen theses on archaeology are addressed to all colleagues active in research and teaching, the preservation of monuments and in museums. The theses seek to conceptualize important aspects of the processes identified by the conference members and to stimulate debate.

Thesis No. 1: Archaeology requires wider public participation at a fundamental level

Thesis No. 2: Archaeology should invite wider, legal cooperation with metal detector users

Thesis No. 3: Free access to scientific information can strengthen civic engagement

Thesis No. 4: Archaeology should not be controlled by media suitability

Thesis No. 5: Communication in social media improves the public debate on archaeology

Thesis No. 6: Professional archaeology is undergoing a substantial process of change, which should be viewed as an opportunity

The complete Tübingen theses on archaeology:

Scherzler, D. & Siegmund, F. (Red. / eds.) (2015). Tübinger Thesen zur Archäologie / Tübingen theses on archaeology / Les thèses de Tübingen sur l‘archéologie. Archäologische Informationen 39, 2016, 9-18 mehr

Many of the Tübingen conference members signed the Tübingen theses as initial signers. Their names are published with the article, as well as the names of further signees. The possibilty to sign the Tübingen theses ended with the publication of the printed article in September 2016.

With the theses we want to encourage reflection, stimulate a debate and initiate a change in the archaeologies

For this reason please spread the Tübingen theses on archaeology within your networks: to your colleagues in the office next door, via your social networks, via blogs, newsletters etc. In short, to everybody who in your opinion should know about it.

We would be very grateful to be notified of current debates etc. on the Tübingen theses or referring to them. Please address vorstand[at]

Translation: Folkert Tiarks M. A., TopTransArchaeo Translations

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