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Archäologische Informationen

"Archäologische Informationen" (Arch. Inf.), founded in 1972, is the research journal of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e. V. (German Society for Pre- and Protohistory; DGUF). It is published both online in open access and in a printed version of 900 copies. The submitted papers (German or English) are peer-reviewed. The online edition also publishes supplementary material and open data. The online edition of Arch. Inf. was the most widely read archaeological journal at the Portal Propylaeum in 2018 and 2019; in 2019, it had a market share of 22.3% among the 13 journals hosted there. Editor-in-Chief of "Archäologische Informationen" is PD Dr. Frank Siegmund, further editors are Diane Scherzler and Dr. Werner Schön.

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For legal reasons the author’s consent is required for open access publishing. Newly submitted papers are only accepted if the authors give their consent in advance.

How to obtain printed editions of "Archäologische Informationen"
DGUF members can order former issues at discount rates from the DGUF; the cost of the individual issues can be found in the summary of all recent volumes. Non-members buy or subscribe to the journal through our consigned editor, Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH.

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Urgeschichte, Vorgeschichte und andere Archäologien: Eine Begriffsklärung
Das Fach, um das es der DGUF geht, wird mit unterschiedlichen Begriffen bezeichnet.
Hinter dem bekannten, scheinbar einfachen Begriff "Archäologie" verbergen sich viele unterschiedliche Archäologien. mehr

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